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Telefónica Global Solutions

A smart city to open the digital world to operations and manufacturing

The opportunity

Telefónica is a digital platform company that provides a host of innovative solutions across IoT, big data, cloud and security. Having been through a large digital transformation themselves, Telefónica understands the challenges that organisations face, but have also experienced the rewards of such a transformation.

Telefónica identified two key clients that they wanted to reach out to and discuss the opportunities that can be unlocked through digital transformation. The opportunity presented to us was how to effectively communicate the full scope of solutions that Telefónica can provide – demonstrating to their clients that they are far more than a telecommunications provider.

The objective

The objective was to deliver an ABM campaign that would make Telefónica’s clients value them as a global technology partner that can support the end-to-end delivery of their digital transformation strategy.

The solution had to be suitable for Telefónica’s sales teams to use within meetings and clearly present the full scope of solutions that they offer. Importantly, it also had to tell this story in a visually impactful way that would inspire further business conversations.

The solution

To achieve our objective, the solution was to deliver a highly targeted ABM campaign with content tailored specifically to each of Telefónica’s identified clients. With this in mind, the Smart City concept was born – a hero piece of content that delivered maximum impact and engagement.

Telefónica Global Solutions - Smart City fly-through

Telefónica Global Solutions - Smart City click-through

The creative

We created two 3D animated interactive cities, bespoke for each client, which showcased the range of Telefónica’s solutions that were relevant to the clients’ business activities.

Users were encouraged to click and explore the various 3D elements of the city.

They could hover over the city and select locations to visit, or click on the solution along the bottom menu bar that they were interested in. When clicked, each option took them to an animated scene with a range of solutions and the benefits for each.

“This was an ambitious and fairly complex project, but Silver knew exactly how to help us. They delivered the most creative ideas, managed each phase throughout the project, and produced an incredible piece of work."

"Silver always works in the most creative and professional way. It has been a pleasure to have the support of such a team and to see the final result be a success with our clients and even across other areas within Telefónica. Now everybody wants to develop their projects in the same visual way because it is so interactive and different! A great challenge with a great solution, thanks to Silver.”


Telefónica Global Solutions


Telecommunications, Technology


Account-based marketing, Video, animation & audio, Web design & development