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Silver Supports

Putting People and Planet First

Building a fair, equitable, and responsible business

At Silver, our commitment to building a fair, equitable, and responsible business that benefits both people and the planet has always been at the core of our ethos. Adopting the B Corp framework has enabled us to further enhance our efforts.

Our journey towards B Corp certification has had a profoundly positive impact on our agency. Each step we take together is transforming our company into a better and brighter business – a change we all thoroughly enjoy. We’re excited to continue progressing through the assessment process, moving ever closer to achieving recognition for Silver’s dedication to living the B Corp way.


Stepping out to help our community

Silver Steps

Each year, the entire Silver community unites in an inspiring collective effort to walk thousands of kilometres in teams, raising essential funds for democratically selected charities. We call this ‘Silver Steps’

This initiative supports incredible organisations like Headway, which is dedicated to enhancing understanding of brain injuries. Headway provides crucial information, support, and services to survivors, their families, and carers, while also campaigning tirelessly to reduce the incidence of brain injuries.

Another vital beneficiary is The Lily Mae Foundation, a compassionate support network for bereaved parents who have experienced the devastating loss of a baby in any form.

By participating in this remarkable event, Silver employees not only enjoy valuable time together, benefiting from fresh air and exercise but also contribute significantly to impactful social causes.



War Child

The winter holiday period is a time for reflection, prioritising others, and gathering with friends and family.

Historically, Silver, like many companies, has sent gifts and cards to express gratitude to our customers. However, in recent years, we have redirected these resources towards a more impactful cause – Instead of traditional holiday gestures, we now contribute to War Child, an organisation dedicated to keeping children safe and helping them heal, learn, and thrive amidst conflict.

We believe this shift embodies the true Silver spirit of the holidays.


The Silver team actively participates in Movember, an annual event that raises awareness of men’s health issues, including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s suicide. Each November, Silver employees grow their moustaches with pride, sparking conversations and challenging stigmas about these critical health issues.

By embracing Movember, we aim to foster a culture of health, support, and hope for men everywhere.


The Imps

Silver supports The Imps by donating brand and marketing work, as well as raising funds for equipment to assist this vital children’s charity in the high knife crime area of Newham in East London. We believe that every child deserves a positive start, no matter where they are from.

Click here to watch the film we created for The Imps that shares their story and promotes the charity.