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Reintroducing Kinaxis to the world

Kinaxis, a global leader in modern supply chain management, is renowned for its ability to bring agility and predictability to its clients’ operations amidst today’s unpredictable market conditions.

Despite this, Kinaxis faces a highly competitive landscape where standing out can be challenging. Silver was given the opportunity to help rebrand and relaunch Kinaxis to a global audience. The goal was to make Kinaxis stand out in a crowded market, enhance its visibility and reinforce its position as a trusted partner for global brands. 

Watch the Kinaxis launch video

The objective

The main objective was to help Kinaxis relaunch its brand, in line with its evolved brand strategy, and activate this globally to drive breakthrough and growth. In short, help Kinaxis own the supply chain industry. 

The solution

Silver’s approach to rebranding Kinaxis involved a comprehensive and strategic effort, beginning with a thorough analysis of the competitive landscape. This analysis highlighted the similarity in the visual and tonal aspects of many supply chain brands, such as color schemes, photography styles and overall brand tones.  

This analysis was crucial in crafting a distinctive and compelling brand identity for Kinaxis. The result was the creation of a warm, unique brand identity that sets Kinaxis apart from its competitors, enhances the brand’s visual appeal and strengthens its market position. 

The creative

Our creative execution brought Kinaxis’ refreshed brand identity to life through several key initiatives. The first was to deliver a refreshed creative identity which involved the development of new logos, a refreshed color palette, updated photography, branded icons, and new illustrations.  

Next, we focused on creating branded communications and content for both internal and external audiences. A Brand Refresh video and accompanying book were produced to excite internal teams and inform them about the new brand and its implications. Social media edits of the Brand Refresh video were also created to generate buzz and engagement online. An 80-page Brand Guidelines document was developed to ensure consistency in brand presentation, along with supplemental content guidelines. To further amplify brand awareness, an out-of-home campaign was launched at Orlando International Airport, strategically targeting attendees of the Gartner Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo. 

Lastly, a clear and compelling creative theme was defined for an upcoming brand campaign launch. This theme would guide future marketing efforts to ensure that all initiatives aligned with the refreshed brand identity and strategic objectives.  

The results

Within just three months of the rebrand launch, Kinaxis significantly enhanced its competitive stance by increasing its Net Sentiment in Share of Voice by 3% compared to the previous 15 months, outperforming key competitors Blue Yonder, o9, and SAP.

This achievement was bolstered by a meticulously executed digital campaign across multiple high-impact locations. In Orlando, FL, our digital charging station network delivered 10,487,840 impressions via 40 units, achieving a 12.5% Share of Voice. Similarly, our prestige digital network in Orlando garnered 5,243,920 impressions across 78 units. Additionally, at the Gartner Symposium in Barcelona, digital airport placements reached over 1.2 million impressions across 129 units in both arrivals and departures, maintaining a consistent 12.5% Share of Voice.

These strategic placements not only amplified Kinaxis’s presence but significantly contributed to improved market positioning.

Source: BrandWatch Consumer Research and Competitor Analysis.

"Kinaxis's rebrand by Silver has successfully transitioned us into a future-ready leader, enhancing our market presence and aligning perfectly with our vision for innovation and sustainability in supply chain management."




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