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Creating the belief in a magical delivery company

The opportunity

Mr. White is an extremely sharp business owner, boasting centuries of success in the production and delivery of gifts to young and old across the globe. But his business is extremely seasonal. During December, he’s busy making a list, checking it twice, overseeing toy production, and delivering presents to millions of children around the globe.

The seasonality of Mr. White’s business means he’s at a loose end for the rest of the year, so he decided to launch a new business venture: a global delivery service – powered only by sustainable magic – that delivers on time, or even before time!

The objective

Utilising our agency strengths, Silver’s objectives were to brand Mr. White’s new delivery company and create a campaign that spreads the word and creates the belief in his new enterprise.

Blitzen - News Just In

The solution

Working closely with Mr. White, we took the time to really understand his new business with brand and messaging workshops. Once we felt we knew its strengths, goals and what the business stood for, we developed a brand and marketing strategy before bringing the brand to life and executing the campaign.

The creative

We named the delivery company Blitzen. It nods to Mr. White’s established history and refers to the speed of delivery that the service provides – with ‘blitzen’ meaning ‘flash’ in German.

The logo and brand look and feel Scandinavian, with bold colours and a minimalistic style inspired by Mr. White’s recognised heritage.

We created special out of home communications, with a sprinkle of magic, to build awareness and communicate Blitzen’s unique strengths over its competition.

“I’m thrilled with how Blitzen has turned out. Silver went above and beyond to work with me to bring my vision to life. I’m used to people believing in me, and now everyone believes in Blitzen, too!"

The results

Through the global marketing campaign, people of all ages are using Blitzen and believe in what the brand stands for. The campaign was picked up by national news, with users of Blitzen sharing their experiences with the world.




Distribution, Magic


Brand strategy & identity, Customer engagement strategy, Content marketing, Video & animation