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Dell Technologies - PowerStore

A global launch for a data storage platform designed for the data era

Shortlisted – The Drum B2B Awards 2020
Best Product Launch Campaign

The opportunity

2020 to 2030 is being referred to as the ‘data era’. An era where volumes of data and technological innovation offers businesses the opportunity to transform into disruptive digital powerhouses. As businesses look to capitalise on this opportunity, they’re realising that there are two major forces putting pressure on their IT infrastructure: data (volumes, types and processing of) and operations (ever-increasing demands).

Introducing PowerStore, a ground-breaking new storage family from Dell Technologies that eliminates traditional trade-offs in performance, scalability, and storage efficiency suited to both traditional and modern workloads.

As the most important launch on the calendar for Dell Technologies, our challenge was to devise and execute a strategy to excite, educate and enable a global partner ecosystem.

The objective

From the outset, our objective was to leverage Dell Technologies World, their flagship, Vegas-based event, as a platform for the launch – together with a digital strategy. However, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic this had to be quickly pivoted to a virtual launch to specifically;

  • Excite a global partner ecosystem with a content rich experience to drive awareness and a buzz surrounding the new product family.
  • Educate our audience by encouraging Sales or Pre-Sales training accreditation through incentivisation.
  • Enable Sales and Marketing personas (across multiple languages) to drive demand for PowerStore and effectively position this new and revolutionary product range.

The solution

In response to the brief, Silver’s scope included the following activity:

  • Go-to-market strategy.
  • Core creative.
  • To-Partner messaging strategy and development.
  • Pre-launch hype (launch countdown clock, teaser social).
  • Digital display media.
  • Virtual event platform providing content and a quiz.
  • Digital experiences for resellers and distributors.
  • Development of the bespoke rewards strategy.
  • Content development, including 3D animation and communications spanning social media platforms and direct means such as email.
  • Partner sales enablement assets including various guides and playbooks.
  • Customer demand generation assets/enablement.
  • Post-launch sales nurture strategy leveraging direct comms to a segmented active-storage partner audience.

The creative

In response to the brief, Silver created a bold core creative for PowerStore, featuring a futuristic look and feel to align to the portfolio’s huge technological advancement. This created a clean and versatile stage to feature the product across the variety of channels and media included within the strategy. This creative rationale was later extended into a 3D city with additional animation and textures added to the core creative for the video to spotlight the product further.

“Thank you to team Silver for all the planning, creativity, and the immense effort that was put into the launch for PowerStore – both for Dell Technologies and our partners.

The result being memorable, innovative and creative launch materials that have resonated both internally and externally, driving exceptional awareness, especially on our social platforms.

The launch has been immensely memorable, and Silver has again raised the bar. ”


The results

It is still early days for the campaign, but together with Dell Technologies, Silver is delighted to report the following results (many of which unfortunately cannot be shared due to their sensitivity).

  • A huge volume of impressions and engagement on display media, up significantly against usual activity.
  • A twelvefold increase in unique page visits.
  • 60x the number of downloads.
  • A healthy and growing number of registered deals and pipeline.


Dell Technologies - PowerStore




Customer engagement strategy, Content marketing, Channel marketing, Video & animation, Account-based marketing