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Rebrand to streamline success for a global ERP provider

The opportunity

CloudTamers has provided solutions to Finance, CRM, HR and ERP business needs since 1991, with their offering evolving to focus on Cloud-based NetSuite SaaS products.

With a desire for strong regional growth, CloudTamers wanted to differentiate themselves in the market but in a way that allows their personality to shine through.

The objective

To develop a CloudTamers brand that aligned their corporate aspirations with customer needs whilst expressing their capabilities, benefits and story.

The solution

Silver worked closely with the team at CloudTamers to understand their challenges and aspirations as a business.

Interactive brand, messaging and web workshops allowed us to begin crafting a new voice and visual identity that accurately represented CloudTamers and the incredible service that their customers receive.

The creative

A new, contemporary CloudTamers logo was designed to work across all communications and be instantly recognisable in the market. The mnemonic was also used as a graphic device across the website and other media.

A brand new website was designed and built to be as intuitive as possible for users to find the information they are looking for and showcase the range of products and services that CloudTamers offers.

Orange was chosen as the primary brand colour to stand CloudTamers out from its competitors and to communicate the warmth and energy of the company and its people.

A suite of stationery and digital assets was created for consistency across the brand, including business cards, letterheads, iconography, email signatures and a photography library.

Silver also created a messaging framework and brand guidelines to provide a clear outline of CloudTamers’ tone of voice and maintain consistency for future marketing communications.

The results

The refreshed CloudTamers brand transformed their web presence, stood the company apart from its competition and provided continuity to their brand across all communications.






Brand strategy & identity, Customer engagement strategy, Content marketing, Digital