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Dell Technologies

Inspiring 700 CIOs with their own “lightbulb” moments

A lead generation campaign that allows every prospect to
 have their own ‘lightbulb’ moment.

Specialising in the cutting-edge architecture required for the modern data centre – such as All-Flash, scale-out, software-defined and cloud-enabled infrastructure – Dell EMC are often known for their market leadership and completeness in offering due to their never-ending ambition for innovation.


With cold calling and channels such as social and paid media inundated with marketing messages, Dell EMC were struggling to get noticed by their audience, and their techniques didn’t resonate or drive a warm sales engagement.


Silver was asked to conceptualise and execute a campaign to introduce the concept and need for data centre modernisation in a way that engaged an EMEA-wide audience.


Direct mail was chosen as the main medium in order to differentiate the engagement from typical, and historically unsuccessful, techniques to leave a lasting impression due to its tactile and memorable format.

The piece included a self-activating Edison lightbulb, a personalised letter, and business card signed off by the Account Manager aligned to the account.

This creative was used as it aligned perfectly with the key campaign message of the lightbulb not being invented by continuously improving the candle – supporting the need for innovation over incremental improvement (or patches or upgrades in the IT world specifically).


The campaign needed to be in market to meet fiscal quarter pipeline and had a tight turnaround time of five weeks to conceptualise, design, manufacture and ship the campaign, with the added complexity of the campaign being translated into eight languages.

The campaign achieved ROI by generating a sales pipeline of over $5 million for the EMEA sales team in data centre modernisation deals, surpassing the quantitative target of $1.5 million.

In addition, the direct mail was well received by prospects, with positive words shared and even posts made on LinkedIn expressing their satisfaction upon receipt.

“Wow, it’s great to see the concept brought to life. Thank you so much for pulling together all the components to deliver an incredible direct mail campaign in such challenging and demanding circumstances. This is a true credit to Silver’s creative capabilities, coupled with your ability to execute on time, to budget and above expectations.”


Dell Technologies




Design, Lead generation