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Dell Technologies

Helping Dell Technologies to educate partners on ESG and sustainability

Customers across all sectors are increasingly choosing to do business with vendors who embrace ethics, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and demonstrably champion improvements to humanity.

Dell Technologies wanted to shine further light on its commitment to ‘driving human progress’, so tasked Silver with evolving their Social Impact Campaign into something bolder, more engaging and targeted at partner awareness. 

The objective

The objective was to create an enablement video series where partner sellers and marketers can understand Dell’s Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) message and the value that it adds to conversations with their customers.

The series needed the same look and feel throughout so they could be identified and associated with Dell Technologies’ ESG campaign.

Dell Technologies - ESG - Seas of Change - Episode 1

The solution

Silver designed an animated video series that echoed the style of the award-winning Partner Pursuits series, but with a nautical twist. Seas of Change was developed to take partners on an ESG adventure, all led by the highly knowledgeable and sophisticated Captain Progress.

With Captain Progress at the helm, partners can discover critical features, solutions and supporting assets that would prove valuable when sharing the Dell Technologies ESG angle to customers.

The creative

With a heavy focus on nature, greenery, and working in harmony with the environment, Silver developed Seas of Change.

This series takes partners on an adventure through the Dell Archipelago, a collection of islands that highlight different key aspects of Dell Technologies’ ESG offerings through the use of futuristic technologies.

Captain Progress sails the Discovery from island to island visiting infrastructure that has been designed in harmony with the environment. She educates partners on how Dell and partners can collaborate and work together to help protect our planet, create a more inclusive world, and put technology to work where it can make a meaningful impact.

The results

The video series is not only providing education to partner sellers but also equipping partner marketers with the skills to integrate crucial discussions into their Dell Technologies marketing strategies, ultimately making an environmental, social, and business impact.

Dell Technologies - ESG - Seas of Change - Episode 2

Dell Technologies - ESG - Seas of Change - Episode 3

“ESG is no longer a nice story to share, it’s a business imperative! The Seas of Change video series is an activity educating our partner ecosystem on how they can advance sustainability by offering our products and solutions, and how to participate in Dell’s ESG programs. We are Powering Progress Together!”


Dell Technologies




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