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Global brand launch for MediaKind, formerly Ericsson Media Solutions

The opportunity

Silver has worked in partnership with Ericsson Media Solutions (EMS) for over four years, designing and building its original website and creating high-impact videos for major events.

Following structural change, there was an opportunity to build a new, independent brand for EMS that exuded innovation as an established industry leader.

Silver was tasked with the complete rebrand of the company – from creating a new name, logo and strapline to its mission, vision statements and tone of voice – to mark its separation from Ericsson.

The objective

Our objective was to create a new brand that was bold, dynamic, fresh and vibrant whilst paying homage to the heritage and distinction of Ericsson Media Solutions.

We wanted to leave behind the technical jargon and connect with consumers on a human and emotional level.

The brand needed to be agile enough to maintain the heritage of EMS whilst providing a forward-thinking brand that is in touch with innovations within the sector and beyond.

The solution

MediaKind was chosen as the new brand name; portraying a sense of inclusion and evoking human emotion alongside technical media solutions.

Media has the power to change lives, and MediaKind transforms the landscape of global media, making content available to everyone, everywhere on the planet.

The creative

MediaKind has visual clarity at the heart of what they do. We devised a brand full of vibrancy and emotive representation of their global audience.

The brand’s identity is consistent throughout all channels and communicates the message clearly: MediaKind is driving the human entertainment experience forward.

The results

From strategy and brand story to creative marketing and digital assets, the new brand was launched within time and budget at events in London, Beijing and São Paulo.

The reception the client received from industry analysts and media press was overwhelmingly positive.

“MediaKind embodies the concept that media should inspire and unite humankind; that media is part of our history and will play a vital part in our future. Silver has managed to capture this very essence with a stunning new identity that represents an exciting new chapter for the company.”






Brand strategy & identity, Customer engagement strategy, Content marketing, Video & animation