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Endsleigh Insurance Services

Promoting student gadget insurance with the help of Mishaps

The opportunity

With a new academic year on the horizon, Endsleigh Insurance Services wanted to promote their student gadget insurance to university students of all ages – whether they needed stand-alone cover or an ‘uplift’ on their current policies.

The objective

Endsleigh briefed Silver to create two animated videos promoting their student gadget insurance. The objectives were to emphasise the cover’s benefits and show that Endsleigh understood student life.

The solution

Two 60-second animated videos were created and marketed through Endsleigh’s website, social media channels and network of partners. The first video promoted stand-alone cover, and the second was a variant promoting uplift. Targeted specifically at students, and designed around their lifestyle, the videos highlighted the benefits of Endsleigh’s gadget insurance products and emphasised that Endsleigh understood what students go through at university.

Don't let mishaps cost you at uni - standalone

Don't let mishaps cost you at uni - Top-up

The creative

“What if mishaps weren’t unfortunate events, but little creatures whose sole purpose was to cause mayhem?”

Our idea was to bring ‘mishaps’ to life. We created fun Mishap characters, each with different personalities, to show how mishaps can happen to students at any time during university in entertaining and relatable situations.

The student characters in the videos were inspired by real people who featured in Endsleigh’s accompanying student gadget campaign to maintain consistency across all communications.

The results

100,000 views in the first month

The stand-alone video had over 100,000 views in the first month via Endsleigh’s YouTube channel and website.


Endsleigh Insurance Services




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