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ABM with endless possibilities

The opportunity

Box is an enterprise content management platform that solves simple and complex challenges, from sharing and accessing files on mobile devices to sophisticated business processes like data governance and retention.

Box wanted to showcase the platform’s full potential to their current customers – demonstrating the possibilities that they may not have been aware of.

The objective

Silver was briefed by Box to design, produce and deliver a campaign that would excite and educate current Box customers about the full range of features available to them through the platform.

The solution

Direct mail was chosen as a vehicle, with Silver’s creative concept being ‘Endless Possibilities’. We aimed to communicate the surprising number of Box features through engaging copy and the physical design of the piece itself.

The creative

The ‘infinity box’ design allowed recipients to unfold their boxes and discover their personalised platform usage statistics, as well as learn about features they were unaware of. The piece created an extended visual path that guided the user, finishing with a personalised business card and call to action.

The result

The campaign generated a £1.1M indicated pipeline, which greatly surpassed the expected ROI.

“The process of working with Silver from concepts to execution was brilliant. We were blown away by the ideas and creativity presented to us after our initial meeting, and their experience in delivering the final product.”






Account-based marketing