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A strategic move to encapsulate end-to-end customer lifecycle solutions

The opportunity

KYC360 is a transformative leader in the risk management sector with a platform that turns compliance into a strategic advantage. Rebranding RiskScreen into KYC360 was an important, strategic move that would allow KYC360’s no-code, SaaS platform to take centre stage. 

The opportunity Silver was presented with was far larger than a change of name. There needed to be a seismic shift in the market’s perception of KYC360, a greater understanding of its comprehensive platform and a realisation of how companies can “Comply and Outperform”. 


The objective 

  • Develop a strategic approach that would rebrand RiskScreen into KYC360. 
  • Shift the market’s perception of KYC360 as solely a screening entity. 
  • Establish KYC60 as a global leader, recognised for its full customer lifecycle platform. 
  • Transform its pivotally important corporate website and content hub. 
  • Showcase compliance as a catalyst for commercial success, not a hinderance to business. 

The solution

Silver took a multi-channel approach for the brand launch that focused on a user-centric website that married sleek design with high-quality, subject-matter-led content. A content strategy that included video marketing, blog posts, social media, a launch event and email marketing was deployed to engage with the audience and distinguish KYC360 from its competitors. 


The creative

Within the constraints of financial sector regulations, our creative reimagined KYC360 as a brand that embodies expertise, agility and foresight. The innovation lies in the narrative – transforming compliance from a passive regulatory necessity into an active business advantage – leading with the core positioning of “Comply and Outperform”. 

As a result, the website became a tapestry of compelling visuals, persuasive storytelling and high-quality content that assured the audience of KYC360’s deep subject-matter expertise, dedication to rapid deployment of solutions and superior level of customer support. 

The results

  • A record 470 registrations for the brand messaging webinar. 
  • 16% surge in traffic, engagement and dwell times on the new website. 

"It has been a pleasure working with Silver on the rebrand of KYC360. The feedback from the market and customers has been very positive, indicating effective messaging that has resonated well. Their work has garnered attention and approval, distinguishing our brand in the industry. We are super appreciative of their contribution and are happy to recommend their services unhesitatingly." 






Brand strategy & identity, channel marketing, video & animation, web design & development