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6th May 2021

Helping Boomi change the game across technology, people and process

As businesses look to innovate to remain competitive, many get left with a sprawling suite of siloed applications that are costly to maintain and difficult to integrate. Boomi has the solution that makes integration simple and cost-effective: Modern Middleware!


Boomi developed a scalable software platform that supports progress and agility while removing the technical debt associated with legacy middleware. However, they didn’t just seek to promote their modern middleware, they wished to become synonymous with it.


To help Boomi achieve this, Silver partnered with them to produce ‘Change the Game’, an engaging campaign inspired by retro, arcade gaming. This allowed us to effectively communicate Boomi’s ability to ‘level-up’ IT across technology, people and process through a series of five educational videos, a comprehensive guide and handy infographic.

See the campaign in action and learn how you could level-up with Boomi’s modern middleware.

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