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20th May 2020

Team Silver comes together virtually to explore the effect of change

We all know that times have changed, and there are so many blogs, articles and videos that share advice and tips around how to cope with these changes.

At Silver, we felt that it was important to share and discuss this topic as a team and try to understand the impact that these changes have on us all – and how we can support each other as we go through different stages of this transition.

Recently, we asked Nicola Forbes-Taylor from NFT Consulting to join us for a session with the Silver team to explore how change impacts us and the different stages in that journey.

It was so interesting to get everyone together (virtually, of course) to give them the opportunity to hear Nicola share the stages of change and also for us as individuals to recognise the impact this may be having on us.

The session was really useful and thought-provoking. Above all, we realised that we all accept change at different rates, and those timings are not always in sync, not only with our colleagues but those we share our lives with.

“We loved having Nicola join our team session and take the time to help us identify how we can support ourselves, each other and those around us better. It was also really beneficial to review and reflect on what has been a very major change across such a short period of time.“

Alison Masters, CEO, Silver

“It was great to work with the Silver team again on this session,” said Nicola after the meeting. “I’m passionate about sharing insights that enable us all to build our awareness of our thinking, triggers, emotions and behaviours. We explored the Kubler-Ross grief curve in how we experience emotions through change and what this means for us in terms of our emotions and how to help ourselves and others.”

“This is a critical time for teams to embrace increased self-awareness to enable us to help ourselves and each other navigate change. It’s great to work with such an open, inquisitive and receptive Silver team that cares so much about each other.”