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3rd December 2020

Silver’s top festive ads of 2020

At this time of year, several members of Team Silver get to delve into the new crop of festive ads, carefully deliberating which will make it to our revered list of the year’s best.

 Here are the chosen few… does your favourite make the list?

The show must go on – Amazon


When I saw this advert for the first time, I found it extremely touching! I’m sure everyone can relate to the many disappointments and cancellations that 2020 has brought us, from saying goodbye to our highly anticipated tropical holidays, down to losing those simple, meaningful celebrations with family and friends.

This advert does a wonderful job at reminding us to keep hope and look at all the possibilities and positives despite the difficult times. It tells a wonderful story of perseverance, love and supporting one another, which is such an encouraging message to remember as we approach the festive season.

Chloe Lewitt, Junior Motion Designer

Snowman – GREENIES

There are short stories and then there is GREENIES getting its Christmas message across in 20 seconds.

This piece of classic stop motion really packs charm and is just visually beautiful. However, and probably more importantly, I laughed out loud, on my own in the spare room, at the snowman screaming. The voice-over is perfect casting with on-point comedic timing.

Plus, dogs. Always dogs.

Alice Eaglestone, Creative Designer

Christmas 2020 – Albert


Czech supermarket, Albert, has created the heart-warming story of a brother delivering a white Christmas to his little sister, disappointed by the rain and lack of snow. With a classic soundtrack by Bing Crosby, this is a nicely told, well-constructed ad.

Graham Dodridge, Chair

No Naughty List – Tesco


Tesco’s Christmas advert hit the mark for me this year, offering a tongue-in-cheek look back at 2020.

To some brands, addressing the chaos that COVID-19 has created this year is a big no-no and may be deemed ‘too risky’, but Tesco has reflected the sentiment of the year in an original and engaging way that also really resonates well with consumers. From the witty narrative to the Britney soundtrack, it’s provided us with some light-hearted relief we so need this festive period.

Jessica Collier, Account Manager

Big on a Christmas you can believe in – Lidl

I found this ad a breath of fresh air, straying from the formulaic “tug at heart strings” that Christmas adverts often take. It’s brilliant and hilarious.

My highlight has to be a close up of a pile of roasted carrots. One gets stabbed with a fork, and happens to bear a striking resemblance to competitor Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot…

That wasn’t the only stab made during the advert as it continues to make fun of cheesy Christmas adverts throughout. What also caught my eye was the use of clever camera tricks flicking between real shots of produce and food you can buy with animation shots of a family.

Luke Fisher, Junior Web Developer

Inner Child – McDonalds

I didn’t expect this to connect with me so much! The ad centres around teenager Tom’s internal struggle between growing up and having some festive fun with his mum. A struggle I remember all too well.

Set to a beautiful cover of Alphaville’s Forever Young, the ad hits on exactly what the holidays are about: letting go, embracing your inner child and spending cherished time with loved ones.

On a sidenote, we still leave carrots out for the reindeer. You’re never too old!

Tom Storrer, Copywriter