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24th February 2023

Silver Shares has landed!

We are excited to have launched the first instalment of Silver Shares. Our new initiative aimed at sparking B2B marketing conversations begins with our guide on how to tell your ESG story. 

But what is ESG? 

In their own right, the three areas of Environmental, Social and Governance aren’t new, but in 2023 the lines are becoming increasingly blurred and it’s increasingly important for companies to demonstrate their commitment to ESG targets. 

Therefore, for B2B companies that can tell a cohesive and authentic ESG story, there are greater opportunities for success and engagement. That’s where Silver Shares comes in! 

We have 5 top tips for you to leverage so you can tell your ESG story seamlessly. 

1) Find your “ESG North Star”

Before telling your story, you need to define what it is. 

2) Lead with the integrity of purpose

Customers and employees can spot inauthentic brands. 

3) Future-proof your message

Tell a story that has longevity. 

4) Get to the point

Make your story crystal clear. 

5) Embrace creativity

A creative strategy and execution turn heads and activates an audience. 


Silver is ready to help you showcase your ESG story effectively and successfully. Take a deeper dive into this opportunity by reading Silver Shares, and feel free to get in touch with us so we can help tell the world your ESG story. 

Read Silver Shares