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23rd March 2021

Mixing up the Channel

When creating new campaigns, establishing creative differentiation is difficult but essential.

As an agency we specialise in technology B2B and a considerable amount of the work we do is for the channel. When it comes to marketing for the channel, there’s often discussion about how to best approach it. In many instances there is an existing campaign with an established foundation, so do we simply just take what has been created and repurpose it for the channel? Or is there value in going back to square one?

From my experience, I would say that the answer lies in the middle of this scale. It is great to have the opportunity to leverage the existing work that exists but it is essential that we reframe the message to ensure it resonates with channel partners.

A campaign proposition is formulated for those who will consume the offering – the end-user – so the whole campaign, including core messaging, headlines and visuals, is developed with end-users’ needs and objectives in mind.

When looking to pivot the campaign to be partner-focused, we need to bear in mind that what we are leveraging has not been created with our primary target audience in mind. However, this is not a ‘wipe the slate clean’ situation, we have the foundations upon which we can build something tailored to our audience. Ultimately the end-customer is often the same, we just need to ensure that our channel-centric proposition clearly communicates the value of the campaign and the solution to partners.

How do we start? We revisit the foundations.

We need to remember that whilst we want to be partner-centric, in most cases partners are still going to be exposed to the customer-focused campaign through the website, social posts, advertising, etc. It works well to leverage what exists to ensure core alignment, build upon that and then adjust when necessary.

Is the creative working?

Developing creative is a complex exercise, it is the development of an idea or a concept that is designed to capture interest, influence response and inspire action. Whilst it is easy to use what already exists (especially if it appears to be working well), it is critical that we consider the context in which our new campaign will be working. So ask yourself this question: Has the creative (visuals and messaging) been created with my audience in mind?

If the answer is yes, perfect! But if the answer is no, consider the following:

Does the creative reflect the aspirations, objectives or needs of your unique audience?

Does the messaging reflect your audiences’ needs, wants and challenges?

Do the headlines resonate and create a connection?

All in all, there is no magic formula for creating perfect campaigns every time. Each campaign is different and approaches always need to be tailored to individual needs but this doesn’t mean there is no value in work already undertaken.

Feel free to get in touch to talk about your unique project and requirements, we’re always open to have a discussion on how we could help.

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