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11th September 2022

6 reasons why you should make video part of your marketing strategy – now more than ever.

Unprecedented, challenging and transformational.

Just some of the words used to describe what was a year like no other. As marketeers, we too had to think on our toes and pivot otherwise integrated plans to 100% digital but, ultimately, it’s bigger than this. We’re (temporarily) changing the core ways that we’ve conducted business, from how we engage and communicate to the all-important conversion and delivery of results.

However, one thing remains unchanged, the importance of video. When we highlight the greatness of video, we are not talking about its ability to enable us ‘agencies’ to flex our creative muscles, but about why it has and continues to deliver great ROI at a time where this couldn’t be more important.

But first, let me highlight the opportunity that comes with video.

The Zenith Forecast suggests (across their research into 51 key markets) that

2021 will see each and every one of us watching on average 100 minutes a day of online video

100 minutes per day! People like you and me. Learning, researching, deciding, purchasing.

Here’s just six reasons why video is worth every penny. 

1. Be seen (and heard).

Video is much-loved not only by your customers and prospects but by digital platforms too

Platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Google are constantly evaluating which content to prioritise. Fortunately, video pulls rank and gets a head start as a result.

Recent analysis also suggests that videos are bucking the trend when it comes to our attention spans. We’re watching longer videos/ads, typically, and this helps when it comes to your page rankings too as pages that are viewed for longer period of times are perceived to have greater value by the likes of Google.

2. Build trust.

Ever found yourself close to purchase/commitment but something just isn’t adding up or just doesn’t feel right?

Well, the language I use there is very much deliberate. A connection to a brand is an emotional one, it’s how we feel about a brand that’s important – do I believe in what they’re saying? Is this authentic? Am I in good company? Do I buy their purpose? Do their values align to mine? You get the idea.

So, with that, how can video help?

What better way to demonstrate this than to put your customers at the heart of your marketing strategy. To advocate you.

Customer testimonials are marketing gold

Afterall, it’s often said that consumers own your brand.

3. Add personality.

Recently we shared with you our 5 principles of brand strategy, during which we highlighted the need to stand out. How being the sunflower rather than the shrinking violet in today’s competitive environment is paramount.

Video is the perfect format for you to communicate your purpose/value proposition in a highly compelling and engaging way that can be played and shared consistently by the masses. You can perfectly hone your value prop and compliment this beautifully with recorded or animated footage.

People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it – Simon Sinek.

If, as a brand, you’re playful then have some fun, if you sell a ‘rugged range’ then get out, practise what you preach and create something that you can be proud of – and something others want to view.

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes.


4. Communicate efficiently and effectively.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the power of a moving one? In fact,

it’s proven that viewers retain more information when it’s in video form (95% for video, versus 10% in written form – Forbes)

since it plays to both our auditory and visual senses.

But with that said, it’s still important to get to the point across efficiently. Ever asked a peer to give you the elevator pitch of your latest solution and you’re still listening 15 minutes and dozens of slides later? Either your building is incredibly tall, or something is wrong!

Video encourages the very best storytelling, a clear narrative and relevant supporting visuals and, whilst there is no golden rule when it comes to video length because it’s so dependent on your audience, goal and platform, we’ve provided a pretty good set of guidelines as a rule of thumb:

Marketing videos: less than 2 minutes
Social clips: 3 – 30 seconds
Informative videos: 3 – 6 minutes
An acclaimed keynote: 5 – 20 minutes

5. Spread the word – go viral!


Once again, we’re suckers for video and we love nothing more than sharing a great video with friends, family and colleagues because of it.

Video is a highly shareable format which, therefore, pays dividends when it comes to reach and ‘being heard’ as above.

Let me make that real for you.

92% of users watching video on mobile will share it with others – Wordstream

6. Seal the deal.

Relating closely to the points above in that video builds trust and allows you to communicate efficiently and effectively, the value of video extends far beyond that and across the buyer journey as a result:

Video increases page conversion by up to 80% and 64% are more likely to commit to a purchase having watched a video (Hubspot)

Making video content a great investment and, once again, worth every penny.

At Silver, we know that each business is unique, just like each video requirement, budgets vary and so does messaging, goals and audience.

Feel free to reach out directly or to one of the team to discuss your next video(s). Be that a ‘talking head’, customer testimonial (even in virtual times), slick 2D animation or a 3D masterpiece.

In the meantime, check out some of our videos here. Sit back, relax and enjoy.