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14th March 2024

4 key themes from a hugely diverse Tech Show London (2024)

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the London Tech Show, and a show it certainly was! One ticket, five events (Cloud Expo Europe, DevOps Live, Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, Big Data & AI World, and Data Centre World), thousands of steps later and I’m pleased to share with you some of my key takeaways:


#1 What a wonderfully diverse tech landscape we have!

Walking through the show was an eye-opening experience and a very visual/obvious reminder of the incredibly diverse tech landscape that we’ve come to enjoy. From the physical presence of many data center solutions including batteries, racking, cabling, and cooling to the ethereal realms of data, AI, and cybersecurity – critical in maintaining a competitive and secure presence in today’s digital world. Interestingly, this diversity also translated into shifts in the cultures experienced when engaging with brands. At the ‘datacenter end’ there was an evident feeling of engineering-like precision whereas the ‘software end’ had a more relaxed style, quirky in fact in some cases – a mad professor and a DeLorean for example. The show was so large that this use of ‘datacenter/software end’ became the way I signposted meeting spots with contacts. That and the huge gantry ceiling advertisements.

#2 A significant emphasis on sustainability

As a sustainability-conscious organisation and one currently on its journey to B Corp accreditation, it was great to see so many brands of varying sizes showcasing innovative software and hardware solutions designed to reduce carbon footprint, minimise waste, and promote renewable sources. Unlike previous years, where it could be argued that this became a little ‘me too’, the focus on sustainability felt key to the DNA of brands – marking a fantastic shift towards ensuring ongoing advancements in computation (AI namely) needn’t come at a broader planetary cost. On a related note, I also felt that there was far less merchandise/giveaways and those that were present had a purpose or were consumable versus a sea of plastic or single/limited-use items. Bravo to the brands and/or ExCel in their efforts here.

#3 Keep an eye out for some of the emerging brands

Amidst the many established tech giants in attendance, there was also a burgeoning ecosystem of emerging tech brands with unique offerings and untapped potential. These agile and innovative players hold the promise of reshaping the tech landscape in the years to come. Specialising in often niche areas (e.g ‘Operational technology services’ which really got the cogs turning in terms of the risk of a cyber threat when it relates for example to tech-controlled valves) and armed with a spirit of relentless innovation, these lesser-known brands are poised to carve out their own distinctive identities. What excites me most here is envisioning a future where this eclectic mix of tech brands, varying in culture, size, and value propositions, coexists harmoniously enriching the industry as a result.

#4 Fierce competition continues in the SaaS space

In the fiercely competitive landscape of SaaS tech solutions, a metaphorical ‘platform war’ rages on, where the victors are those adept at swiftly and succinctly articulating the tangible business benefits to their customers.

Beyond the mere functionality of the technology, the attention-winning brands understood the importance of delivering a holistic brand experience, weaving together a narrative that resonated on a human level. It’s fair to say that some did this better than others. Those who excelled had mastered the art of seamlessly blending technology with a compelling brand story to connect on an emotional level versus just on the rationale points of justification alone.


If you were in attendance, let me know your thoughts (jeremy@silver.agency). Otherwise, I hope to see you at UK Cyber Week which is next on the list – coffee is on me.