3rd September 2015

your digital brand. getting the basics right

1)    Brand identification and consistency
Effective branding should convey what a business does, what they stand for and what makes them individual; it should also be able to be applied to everything that they produce.
A obvious example of effective brand identification and consistency is Apple, but also think Ebay and Google (very topical). They’ve built up their brand consistency and identity in lightspeed fashion as they have become so ubiquitous. They have continuously produced sleek, smart and innovative products, services and solutions, continually adapting to rapid market changes and customer demands, while retaining their distinctive brand essences! Consistency across their digital domains has ensured immediate customer recognition. The recent Google logo update – love it or hate it – keeps enough of the elements such as colour to be considered an evolution, while adapting to user needs to view their search engine on smaller mobile devices.
2) Strive for reach and scale, search engine marketing
Search engine marketing for a Business’s brand awareness is immensely important to its success; it enables a business to utilize a market consisting of billions of customers located all around the world.
Organic searches (searches that start via a search engine) are responsible for more web traffic than all other channels combined. Businesses can use the Internet marketing model known as PPC (Price Per Click) by using relevant keywords to highlight their ad to customers. Brand is an important aspect of PPC because potential customers will use the keywords that are associated with the Business’s brand when they are searching for the Business online.
3)    Social media marketing
Social media is a powerful platform for businesses to use to create and maintain brand awareness. It gives a business new routes to distribute its brand message and content, which in turn makes the brand more recognizable and well known.
It is important for a business to present their brand effectively and consistently on social media platforms, it was reported in January 2015 that globally there was 2.078 billion active social media accounts (Source http://wearesocial.net/).
Therefore it is essential that a business’s brand is presented well on different social media platforms e.g Facebook, Twitter and Instagram because of the massive user base that social media has.
4)    Brand Optimisation
An effectively optimised brand is a key factor in the success of a business; it presents a key message, a prominent colour colour scheme and bold distinct images at the exact moment when a customer is choosing to engage with the brand.
Brand optimisation is so effective the brand is quickly recognised and the clear message and visual aspects captures the attention of the customer. Successful brand optimisation will result in the Business becoming more popular and an increase in the Business’s sales conversions.
It is important to get these basics right when designing and developing a digital brand, branding is one of the most essential factors of any business. An effective brand will highlight a business to potential customers and give the business a major step up in competitive markets.
Caroline Tonkinson, Ace Silver Web Developer who loves all things web or chocolate based.