13th January 2015

you get the picture!

The popularity of the infographic has increased with the rise of social media and the demand for instant results. We as users now find ourselves getting all the information we need from 140 characters and short, concise posts. We don’t want to read page after page of overwhelming reports to find what we are after. We are part of an increasingly time challenged world. Perhaps this is why the infographic is the answer for delivering content in bite sized, easily digestible chunks.
As one of the Creative Designers here at Silver, I’m constantly aware of what is trending, what is popular and more importantly what our clients need. I’ve noticed over the last eighteen months, the infographic is top of that list.
There has been a steady demand for creative layouts consisting of key facts and figures paired with succinct copy and icons. Not only does it need to be creative, but it also needs to be informative and deliver on the same level as a report, as well as delivering according to brand guidelines, taking into account colour and typeface.
The real skill I’ve found is understanding your subject matter fully, to help design an effective, simple solution. Knowing what to leave out is the real challenge.
The top trends for popular infographics online, include business, technology and social media and it’s easy to see why. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. We are a visual generation, and nothing communicates as well as the infographic, and more people are actively searching for infographics online over reports, white papers, and blogs. The infographic is quickly becoming the best way to share information.
Sharing of information on social media is a main contributor to the infographics success. When a post is popular online, it spreads rapidly and is shared, liked, retweeted, tagged and uploaded hundreds of times, at the touch of button. Publishers who use infographics increase traffic an average of 12% more than those who don’t. Meaning with the help of intriguing and creative infographics, a company’s brand can easily reach a wider audience.
Think how powerful this can be for a brand? Helping them to become recognised in the market, valued and known amongst competitors. Most importantly this propels marketing results dramatically.