4th September 2013

Work experience

Silver ensures the whole team is engaged and that the students make the most of their sneak preview into the working world. Although structured, our programme for work experience students is very flexible to ensure it works for everyone, combining a mix of project work and also work shadowing.

We also ensure they make use of the skills and techniques they have learnt in the classrooms (oh yes, good old mind mapping and brainstorming!).  Most of the students are automatically drawn to our web developers who are at the cutting edge of what we do, and all their neat gadgets. The grand finale comes at the end of the week when the students make a presentation to Silver on the whole experience, which they all seem to take in their stride and really enjoy.
Every work environment has its own culture, and for creatives there’s probably nowhere where that difference is more pronounced than between agency and client-side work. That is definitely very true of Silver! Silver has a personality, energy and proposition all of its own, cleverly crafted by our leader Graham Dodridge. What is also evident is how hard work can be enjoyable; especially when you love what you do, and the environment you work within. Many marketers love the energy, creativity and technical skills that an agency offers, as well as the rush of pitching for the next big client or project. The students are also witness to our strategic approach and the meticulous attention to detail we go in to. And as with most agencies, there is that slick and dynamic something in the air and everything is at a faster pace, driven by the need to react instantly to client’s needs and last minute panics. So our students are quick to pick up on the fact that juggling acts have a role to play too in the working world….or is this called prioritisation and project management?
As 4pm on Friday approaches, the students will be going away knowing there’s much more to marketing than ‘advertising’ and because of technology and the connected world we live in, it doesn’t stop there. The digital channels have definitely amplified the need for agencies to evolve and adapt, especially with social media pushing this even further by forcing brands to engage with consumers one on one.  All exciting stuff!
So yes it would be interesting to know what our work experience students really think, but judging on their presentations we know that they have experienced the realities of working life and put in to practice some skills they’ve been taught in the classroom – and the all important teamwork. Well done guys….and thank you for the chocolate which is always very gratefully received!