10th November 2017

Why your business should use a B2B marketing agency

There is no need to fear!

A group of forward-thinking, experienced and talented experts dedicated to planning, implementing and supporting your marketing activities? That sounds pretty good to us!

We have put together a few reasons why you should consider using a B2B marketing agency to add significant value to your future marketing activities.


Your strength may be selling, or customer relations, or accounting. If you are also responsible for keeping up with marketing industry trends; planning and implementing a marketing strategy; and evaluating the overall marketing performance of your business, your time is going to be spread very thinly.

You are much more valuable when focusing on what you know best. Bringing in an agency allows you to utilise your time and expertise for maximum productivity, as well as having the peace of mind that experts with a passion for marketing are supporting your needs.

There are many skills required to deliver great marketing these days. Good agencies are filled with people with specific skill sets that come together to deliver an integrated marketing service. There are no skill gaps when using an agency which can often be the case with an in-house marketing department.


Agencies rely on punctuality and talented people in order to meet tight deadlines and provide a valuable service. An agency with experience in completing a project or campaign quickly and effectively results in efficient marketing for your business.

A ready-made team of marketing experts means not having to mess around with recruitment agencies or training new starters. None of the associated costs, either.

The best marketing tools will be at your disposal at a fraction of the cost. Agencies will have the required hardware and licenses that they spread the cost of across their clients. There is often a huge cost saving for businesses.


The beauty of using a B2B marketing agency is that it puts you in control. Increase or decrease marketing activity when it suits you and your business. Introducing a new product to the market? Ramp up your spend and create a killer campaign.

Quick adaptation and flexibility of marketing support is possible when working with an agency that you don’t get with an in-house team.


A skilled agency will research your company in minute detail to get to the core of your business.

What are your key strengths? How do your customers benefit from your product or service? What needs do you fulfil?

Finding the answers to key questions allows an agency to craft simple yet compelling stories that will engage with your audience and connect on a personal level. Meaningful connections lead to meaningful interactions, brand awareness and sales.

Businesses can tell many stories, but an agency can find the few that are compelling and unique to your business.

Strong branding, a clear message and fantastic storytelling are the ingredients to successful brand marketing that an agency can deliver.