8th November 2013

Why is typography so important?

Typography plays a major role in making any design successful. Have you ever seen a billboard on the side road where the font is too small, or maybe a poster that has an unreadable font? This happens all too often, and that’s why in every situation a designer has to consider the right fit for the job, whether it’s tweaking the leading (the space between the lines of text) or kerning (the space between each letter) to make the type powerful and impactful.
It is not just on posters or in magazines that good typography is important. For everyday items such as instructions on the back of hairspray or warnings on the back of a bleach bottle, good typography is vital as it needs to be legible while fitting a lot of text into a small space.
Type is no exact science and it takes a certain degree of skill to understand how type should be set or look – but it is an integral part to any piece of design. It also allows us designers to be that bit more creative and to have a lot of fun coming up with strong typographical headlines, beautifully set text and sharp logos.