24th March 2015

What’s in an email?

So, what’s in an email?

In this day and age people are bombarded with emails on a daily basis (roughly 27 emails per day, 10,000 per year! Warwick Business School 2014) and making sure that your email is viewed and clicked should be high in your agenda.
Below are some of the areas that you need to consider to increase your open rates and click-through rates (CTR). Each email that comes through the digital team at Silver takes into account these areas and how we can make email work harder for our clients.

Responsive email

iOS leads the pack when it comes to email clients with 39% of users reading email on Apple devices (Science of email marketing 2014, Hubspot/Litmus). This alone tells you that you should be building all of your email marketing campaigns to be responsive.
Responsive email will allow your readers to see a version of your email in a manner that is suited to their device. Even though iOS leads the way, it doesn’t mean that you should forget about your other readers. The Digital team at Silver know the best practices for the wide variety of email clients so will build your emails to target all devices.

Test, learn, adapt

One design and one subject line are no longer the best way to increase your open rates and CTR. In a world where new devices, social networks and trends are emerging everyday, we must constantly test our designs, subject lines, content etc.
With email marketing service providers evolving and giving their users more and more tests to run, there’s no reason why you can’t start taking advantage of these today. Silver run many tests through our email campaigns. We’ve tested subject lines, layouts and even content length, putting us in the best position to determine what tests we should run for your next email campaign.
Once a successful test has been carried out, you should always make sure to determine what worked and roll that out into your next campaign. Once that has been rolled out, you should determine new tests and keep tweaking content, subject lines and design to keep your campaigns fresh and successful.
We’ve run campaigns testing the following:
– Different content for mobile and desktop users
– Personalisation in subject lines
– Content length
– Timing of emails
With all the data from previous campaigns and industry knowledge in our team, Silver are in a great position to help your email campaigns perform better for you. Take email to the next level and contact us to see what you can get out of email marketing.
Adrian is Head of Digital at Silver and leads our research into the next generation of digital platforms, methods and tools that will help deliver results for our clients. To find out more about Silver’s Digital capabilities please visit our digital marketing page.