17th February 2015

what you know, and who!

With this understanding we can see the value of growing and nurturing our ecosystems. Fueling them with high-value relevant and useful information – through new services, additional functionality and revitalised content. This increases the the scale of your ecosystem and makes it more useful and valuable to all within it. Take Google for example, who built an extension to their existing ecosystem by developing Google Analytics, which since its creation has spawned a whole economy of vendors, consultants and apps. This has increased their reach and further enhanced their brand value.
So how do you drive innovation from your ecosystem? What determines innovation success. The Ivey business journal, who claim that innovation doesn’t stem from underlying technology or a strong value proposition, but more towards the innovation ecosystem – the interdependent partner network needed to generate, develop and deliver technology-based solutions. In our competitive landscape it’s therefore crucial for business leaders to understand how to build their innovation ecosystem.
Another recent example of this is Apple’s iPhone 6. We’ve all seen, own or would like one but it’s success is as much down to Apple’s network of content producers and consumers as it is ihardware, looks or appealing browsing features. Again illustrating the interdependency of ecosystems and the importance of the network coming together.
So the stronger the ecosystem, the more influential the organisation. Let’s get nurturing!
Jeremy Bliss is a dynamic Account Manager at the heart of an effective and growing ecosystem. You are now part of it!