3rd December 2014

give your new brand life

In order to bring a brand to life, every interaction must be engaging, relevant, authentic and consistent:
1. Engaging
We live in a fast paced world, with people exposed to c.5000 marketing messages every day. A successful brand engages with people, it gets their attention and holds their interest. It engages in a way that stands out rather than blending in, and is a welcome addition to their lives instead of an intrusion.
2. Relevant
A good brand is relevant to the target market. It conveys compelling messages that resonate with the right people in a meaningful way.
3. Authentic
A brand needs to deliver on its promises. A brand should never pretend to be something it’s not as the trust of the audience will be lost. By creating a strong mission statement, employees are given the opportunity to engage with the brand’s goals and personality and therefore remain truthful to the brand.
4. Consistent
Consistency makes a focused impression and reinforces the principles of the brand. It signals professionalism and attention to detail, and prevents the brand from becoming diluted and confused.
5. Sustainable
In order to be a success a brand must stand the test of time. For a brand to have longevity it must be created with care and consideration, with rich relationships that endure.
Overall, Brand is a projection of the experience and opinion your customers have of you. This opinion cannot be forced, however it can be influenced, and by keeping to the guidelines above, I believe that a sustainable and successful brand can be delivered.
Natasha Peachy is a Silver key ace Account Manager and ‘tour de force’, experienced in bringing brands to market and growing market share for some of the worlds most exciting businesses.