9th July 2013

Colouring pens and infographics

As humans we are very visual beings, with almost 50% of our brains being used for processing visuals. People’s attention spans are decreasing by the day due to the sheer amount of information that they are presented with (which is definitely not helped by the outrageous frequency of adverts on the TV!) Give someone the ability to quickly scan something and you are much more likely to hold their attention.
When collecting ideas for this blog, I discovered this awesome infographic on thirteen reasons why our brains crave infographics, which takes a much deeper dive into the science behind them. Did you know that we receive 5x as much information today as we did in 1986 and in turn are suffering from serious information overload?! But not to worry, researchers found that colour visuals increase the willingness to read by a staggering 80%.
So, in conclusion, we just need to get our colouring pens out a little more often, have some fun and get creative! If your business does something complicated that may look a bit boring on an ordinary piece of paper, why not get a designer to combine form and function and jazz it up for you? There’s no need to send your customers to sleep with a word document when you could inspire them with an impressive infographic. Get in touch with the Silver Team and see how we can help…
A great website that I also stumbled across is the Daily Infographic which shares my love for data-filled illustrations and features a new infographic every day. Also, if you’re interested in infographics, the book Information is Beautiful is a must read!