9th November 2011

Top tips for ISO5

Here are 5 of the easy ones, which may have slipped past you…
1. Maps – When you search for a destination, you now have three options for your route. They also show you the time and distance of your journey.
2. Camera – There are two key updates here.  The first is the shortcut from the locked screen.  If you double tap the Home button, it pops up on the bottom right and allows you to access instantly, eliminating the lengthy process and making you miss that important shot.  The second allows you to use the volume buttons to take the shot, this is particularly useful when you want to take a self portrait.
3. Built in dictionary – Apple added a built-in dictionary to iOS 5. To use it, tap and hold to select a word (anywhere this is possible) and tap define and the dictionary slides up. It looks great and works wonderfully. It’s smart too, it will only show when a word that can be defined is selected, so proper names and unrecognised words do not apply.
4. Weather – Notification centre is available when you drag your finger from the top of the screen down.  Within it, you can see the weather, if you swipe left or right, you can see the weather for the next week.
5. Calendar – This has been modified to allow you to see your weekly calendar events. Simply rotate your device to landscape and the app changes its layout. You can also tap and hold to create an event and drag if you need to adjust the time and/or duration of the event.
There are lots more to be discovered…so get updating your iPhone and start exploring
Have you got any tips?  Post them back.