14th June 2018

Tom’s Top 5 Football Ads

The FIFA World Cup has kicked-off in Russia, and I couldn’t be more excited. There’s a palpable sense of anticipation that’ll last all month… or at least until the inevitable happens and England get knocked out in penalties.
To celebrate the famous tournament, I’ve looked back at my five favourite football TV adverts. Enjoy!

  1. ‘An American coach in London – NBC Sports (2013)

 Jason Sudeikis plays a brash American Football coach struggling to adapt to life as a Premier League football manager in England. He has a lot to learn…
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  1. ‘The Secret Tournament’ – Nike (2002)

Set on a grungy cargo ship, the ad is littered with football stars playing a secret 3-a-side tournament. A great ad that mirrors the raw matches played in football cages across the country.
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  1. ‘Have it’ – John Smith’s (2003)

The most relatable ad on the list (for those of us who aren’t professional footballers). The memorable ad features the much-loved Peter Kay, a miserable day in England, and an iconic catchphrase. A perfect fit for the brand’s ‘No Nonsense’ campaign.
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  1. ‘Take It To The Next Level’ – Nike (2008)

This intricately-shot ad that let football fans step into the shoes of a young footballer playing his way up to the international stage, meeting various global stars along the way. If only it were real…
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  1. ‘The Airport’ – Nike (1998)

 THE iconic football advert, paving the way for the waves that followed. We follow the legendary 1998 Brazil team, adorned in yellow and blue, silkily weaving their way through a busy airport as they wait for a flight.
Sit back and enjoy.
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