1st December 2017

Tom's Top 5 Christmas Ads of 2017

John Lewis released their new Christmas ad two weeks ago, which has become a festive event in itself over the past decade. They have returned to pulling at our heartstrings with ‘Moz the Monster’ – a tale of friendship between a little boy and the monster who lives under his bed.

The ad has had mixed reviews, but that is the beauty of storytelling. Whether it’s a film, book or advert, everyone has an opinion.

After an emotional rollercoaster through YouTube, I am proud to present my top 5 Christmas adverts of 2017.


5. Currys PC World – ‘Ahmed’s Run’

Part of their ‘Get It Right’ campaign, Currys PC World are focusing on the technical expertise of their sales staff in three humorous ads centred around family scenarios.

This was my favourite of the three. It felt the least ‘Christmassy’, but we all know someone who will start a fitness kick in the new year!

4. Tesco – ‘Every Which Way’

Tesco’s ‘Everyone’s Welcome’ campaign has received some backlash, but the genuine human interactions of the ad certainly mirrored Christmas with my family.

Stupid questions; differing turkey roasting techniques; stressful family arguments; post-meal snoozing in front of the TV; and being absolutely stuffed but continuing to force more in. ‘Tis the season!

3. Old Spice – ‘Ye Olde Exploding Yule Log’

Picture the scene. Snow is falling outside. You’ve just finished your Christmas dinner and fancy settling down by the fire. You haven’t got a fire, so you find one of those relaxing fireplace videos to pop on the TV. The fireplace begins to explode, and Terry Crews’ head emerges from the flames to shout: “HOLIDAY THEMED EXPLOSION!”

Not very relaxing, but pretty funny.

There are a few gag yule log videos around, but Old Spice’s hour-long attempt, that promotes their Holiday Pack stocking-fillers, is nuts.

Ye Olde Exploding Yule Log

2. Waitrose – ‘Christmas Together’

Set within Britain’s highest pub in Reeth, North Yorkshire, Waitrose’s ad centres around how great food brings communities together during the festive period.

The charming ad is based on actual events, with the villagers of Reeth gathering at the pub for a festive drink every Christmas morning. The pub often gets cut off by snow, too!

1. Audi – ‘Parking Lot’

I love this ad.

Reminiscent of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s festive film ‘Jingle All the Way’, the ad tells the story of two competing dads and their ‘magical’ trip to the shopping centre before Christmas.

It perfectly captures the stress of shopping at this time of year. Combined with the haunting music, Ukranian Bell Carol (Carol of the Bells), this festive ad is hard to beat.