13th July 2016

the revival of the gif

So it was no surprise that as we approached the Millennium, the GIF gradually became an endangered species. New technology like Flash had become popular and people found more impressive ways of making their website come to life. Fast forward 20 years and we are now in a decade where people’s attention spans are shorter than ever and social media has become a way of life – and GIFs have once again found their place.

The difference this time around is that, not only are they cool, they have become a language. Facebook and Twitter have recently introduced GIF keyboards, both of which integrate popular animated GIF search engine Giphy which is now valued $300 Million.

So GIFs are back, not only in the social media world but everywhere. People are watching, posting and creating GIFs, left, right and centre. Huge brands are therefore extremely keen to jump on the band-wagon. Who wouldn’t want to create their own personalised form of communication that is used by over 95 million people. It has become an integral way of reaching an audience that formerly, may have been difficult to engage.

I create animated GIFs as often as I can, and they have become a great way to practice animation and design. I could sit for weeks or even months experimenting with the latest skills I’ve learnt at Silver and create a pixel perfect 90 second video. Or I can create something in a few hours that applies all those same skills – then loop it, post it on social media and move onto the next one.

My current favourite social media site is www.dribbble.com I have a quick browse religiously every day. It’s a great way for me to keep up to date with the latest animation trends and get myself inspired to keep pushing the boundaries and being adventurous with my work. One of my favourite animators at the moment is James Curran. All of his GIFs loop seamlessly and interestingly, this makes them incredibly engaging and hypnotising. Which is an impressive feat for 5 seconds of video.

So welcome back an old fav – the GIF.

Here are some of the GIFs we have created recently at Silver…