10th November 2014

let's share the adventure

This also stands true for our ‘best-in-class’ client facing team. After all it is said: ‘people buy people’. An Account Manager, empowered and confident, can unlock a clients’ full potential to enable them to succeed. Oodles of energy, smarter thinking and driven ambition means it’s ‘boom time’ for everyone!
It’s important for us to ‘keep the line’ and face all of our challenges together. We have come to realise that while each team member has their own skills and individual talents, the whole team has the capabilities to surpass those of even its most talented members. It’s essential to trust in each other and appreciate one anothers’ diverse and unique skills.
At Silver we seek like-minded people that share our philosophies, our passion and our enthusiasm. We welcome those who are willing to try new ideas and who are prepared to take a risk. We foster an environment that embraces bold moves. Every person at Silver is empowered, has a voice and can effect positive change. Whether that’s expressed through the most creative and effective integrated digital campaign, deeper more profound research or even by challenging our own business processes. We are all natives of today’s brave new world, having the necessary experiences and skills to be part of the adventure.
Account Managers at Silver thrive on rewarding partnerships and appreciate that nurturing relationships is the key to building a long-term sustainable business. The Silver crew strive to be a part of a clients’ team, not just an agency that pops in every week. Making a valued contribution, differentiating and articulating with clarity and standout. And of course having the right cultural fit makes the relationship fun and delivers a shared sense of accomplishment.
Darren Clarke is not just Client Services Team Leader at Silver; he’s a top marketing strategist, smart creative thinker and he is all about delivering 100% client satisfaction!