24th January 2018

The power of a good story

A lot of marketing, particularly in the B2B space, is geared around a static conversation: where recipients (unexpectedly) receive proposed insights into a potential solution that they may or may not address the problem they’re focused on at that precise moment. So, to be heard above the noise takes more than sheer volume. It takes amplifying significance that speaks to individuals to take action.
Storytelling on the other hand, when done well, conveys a sense of journey toward a destination that is both ideal and achievable. Journeys where your brand/product/service becomes a central character and fits within the customer’s own unique narrative.
It’s your story – so make yourself the hero.
The big challenge is in creating a compelling and engaging character, and one that presses three distinct buttons:

  • Distinction: making it stand out to pique the audience’s interest – to draw them in and make them want to know more
  • Empathy: connecting it to emotional needs – to show your relatability and how you ‘get’ the audience’s business world
  • Impetus: the ‘why’ behind the journey – detailing what you want the audience to invest in, and the motivations for trying a new path

Storytelling can inspire a successful campaign because it helps convey and reinforce the specific personality for the activity in question: a contradiction (we’re not like the others), a talent (only we can do this), an aspiration (we want to change the world for the better), an idiosyncrasy (others zig, we zag), or a combination of the lot.
Most importantly of all, it’s a technique for creating a layered depth of meaning behind a brand that offers the audience context – and helps them see you as a personality rather than just a faceless corporate entity.