9th January 2013

The 'No Noise' initiative at Selfridges

This may be exactly what we need during crazy January sales in a space full of people. The new and improved Silence Room has been designed by architect, Alec Cochrane and will open on January 11th.
As well as the Silence Room, Selfridges have partnered up with Headspace, the modern meditation experts, to enhance your shopping experience further in the actual department store. Headspace pods have been set up around the store, offering a different guided meditation to encourage calmness and interesting ways to bring clarity.
There will even be talks held at Selfridges, representing the theme of ‘No Noise’, and a chance to reflect called ‘Idle Sundays’.
However, the most interesting part of this project is the minimalist design that has been introduced as part of the ‘Quiet Shop’. Some of the world’s most recognisable brands have taken the symbolic step of removing their logo off of their products. These include Levi’s, Marmite, Heinz and Crème de la Mer. It is fascinating to see how familiar and effective design represents these products enough, even without a logo. As a part of this, Selfridges have also removed their branding from their iconic yellow shopping bags for the first time in history.
These products truly express the importance of branding and how recognisable a product is, even without a label!
We would love to see how more products follow this. For example, wouldn’t it be great to see a red Coke can without the Coca Cola logo on it or a sleek silver MacBook without its shiny Apple logo? What other products would you guys like to see? The Silver team are looking forward to being a part of this experience!
The ‘No Noise’ initiative will be up until 17th February so go check out the ‘Food for Thought’ pop up bakery, listen to some ‘idle’ talks and grab yourself some limited logo-less products. I want a Marmite jar!
Read more about the ‘No Noise’ initiative now.