21st November 2012

The new ITV logo

There has already been major criticism in the design world, triggering debates, as ITV is such a well-known brand. The main concern at the moment is that the curved letters of the ‘I’ and ‘t’ may be seen as a ‘w’.
The network itself has described the logo as ‘a warm, bold design based on a formalised version of human handwriting’. This reflects the importance of the personality within a brand and here at Silver, we are true believers that people are the essence of the brand.
Director of Marketing and Research, Rufus Radcliffe describes the logo as ‘big, bold and creatively ambitious, it will be true to our DNA as a brand at the heart of popular culture’.
The unique element of the ITV logo features ‘colour picking’ which means that the logo’s colour will change depending on the ‘mood’ of programmes. There is a very important aspect to consider when working with a brand and that is consistency. Changing the brand colours of a logo with each programme may be confusing, however if this ITV logo is widely recognisable, it may not be an issue. Although, Radcliffe does explain how he is trying to ‘simplify and rationalise’.
It will definitely be interesting to see how this brand will roll out and develop on our screens in Janaury.