20th July 2012

London Olympics – why we're proud

With the Olympics around the corner, everyone is talking about it, be it the negatives of the security handling or the excitement of London hosting the biggest events in the world.

All eyes are on us, so to speak.

Of course we cannot help but be drawn back to the London Olympic logo and the identity which is being splattered across the city landscape. It seems so long ago now that the logo’s unveiling caused such a controversy, yet I struggle to believe it has got better with time.  When we see the images of the banners in the street, the panels around the pool…we can’t help but feel slightly disappointed. On the positive side, the bold colours do brighten up the streets during the bad weather.
The simple structure of the London Olympic logo also ties in with the simplicity and colours of the main Olympic logo – which may be the direction they were going with it. But it lacks the same elegance and is aged by the poor choice in font. At first glance, it looks likes a logo that was derived from the late 80’s – early 90’s and does little to reflect modern Britain.Saying this, our team have noticed an electric atmosphere in London that has been building since the Queen’s jubilee. Also the new 7m Fabric wrap, sponsored by Dow Chemical sounds like an impressive structure. You can’t help but be proud of being British at this exciting time.
Therefore, we will try to overlook anything that we dislike about it’s ‘identity’ and focus on the event at hand. It is difficult not to be particularly critical of ourselves when we are being scrutinised by so many, but we will follow Boris Johnson’s advice – join together and stop being so negative.