24th March 2016

The King is dead, long live the King

Having witnessed the growth of Internet content since 1998 (whilst at university) and worked within the mobile content industry throughout the noughties, it’s finally time to announce that content is no longer King…

Valuable, relevant and highly targeted content is King.
Okay… so it doesn’t roll off the tongue quite so easily, but it’s exactly this that is now changing the way we approach campaigns and online engagement. At the heart of all digital content creation should be a watertight content strategy that works across all digital channels including mobile.
The evolution of the internet and mobile landscape resulted in a content land rush, where content was indeed king. However now there is saturation, it is no longer enough to simply create great content in order to stand out in the marketplace.
When I think back to 1999 at university, I wrote my dissertation titled – MP3, the Future of Music Distribution? My dissertation posed the question “will we need record labels in the future?”, given any band could now encode their music and distribute globally through digital channels. My answer to this question was “yes”, and I was correct.
Due to cheaper and better recording equipment now being available, it appears that bands these days don’t make demos, but record albums and distribute through channels such as iTunes and Spotify. But I personally think that 95% of all music distributed hardly gets listened to. Bands still need record labels to promote their music but more importantly find the talent and to make it shine.
And it’s the same with content creation. The marketplace is flooded with noise, so to simply create content, even great content as I mentioned before, isn’t enough.
The development of a rich and diverse content strategy to captivate digital buyers and accelerate them through the sales funnel is now key. It’s all about optimising the customer experience and giving them relevant content that excites them and is highly engaging. In order to achieve this we focus on three key areas:

Creation of a short and long term content marketing strategy to educate your customers and prospects on your brand proposition and services.

This content can be shared socially to drive traffic in the form of blogs, white papers, webinars, videos or social posts. Video content is expected to make up 69% of all internet traffic by 2017. It is an important factor to making your digital strategy successful. A short video clip makes it easy to digest a lot of information quickly.

Delivering content efficiently and effectively.

Content ties to almost every channel in the online marketing space including social media, search marketing and conversion rate optimisation. By delivering every content asset to the right audience in the most efficient and effective way, we will improve customer loyalty and drive repeat visits and lead generation.

Data-driven marketing

Capitalising on the data you collect, you will be able to tailor communications based on your customer’s habits and optimise conversion rates.
To discuss your company’s content strategy or pick my brains about digital music distribution in 1999, please get in touch darren@silver.agency