14th January 2015

the importance of user experience design

UX Design takes into account many different factors including:

  • Usability
  • Design
  • Speed
  • Accessibility

Why UX Design for your next campaign?

Through research into your current apps/websites UX Designers are able to pinpoint what areas are working and what needs tweaking. Likewise, if you are starting from scratch we can use our industry knowledge and research into what would work best for your campaign and users.
Getting the UX Design correct can have a high impact in leads and sales of your products and services, and we believe it to be a highly valuable asset to your campaign. UX is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We believe it to be a unique component to any successful campaign.

A/B Testing

Part of a successful campaign is finding out what is working well and implementing it across your other assets. A/B testing gives you the ability to test different layouts, calls-to-actions (CTAs) and content against each other.
By creating different tests you will get an instant view into what is working best and then deploy this across your campaign. Once you have successfully deployed a winning test, it is not advised to assume that this will continue working. As people’s habits change and devices change their experience will also change.
You should always be testing against winning layouts/content so that you get a vital insight to your campaigns. By doing this you will almost guarantee your ROI and leads will increase.
Whenever a design is put through the Silver studios, our experts will always cast an eye on what they believe will work best for each scenario and plan which tests should be carried out to improve the user experience.

User Flows and personas

Another vital part of UX Design is understanding what types of user will be interacting with your campaign and how they move around your site/app. Assuming that all users are the same and that they should receive the same experience can be the major nail in the proverbial coffin.
Using industry standards and knowledge we are able to define which types of user will be visiting your site and in turn design layouts that will suit these users. Let’s not forget your mobile users, mobile usage is set to dominate this year (view my previous blog on Digital Trends for 2015), and by creating a different user flow for these users you are making their experience more rewarding and engaging.
At Silver we connect people with inspired ideas and compelling stories, and as part of this we are best placed to help you understand your users and how they can provide valuable insight into your campaigns. We will create authentic experiences that will have your users completing those forms, picking up phones and making contact with your business. To speak to one of our experts, call us on 01242585930 or visit our Digital Design page and submit a contact request.
Adrian is Head of Digital at Silver and leads our research into the next generation of digital platforms, methods and tools that will help deliver results for our clients. To find out more about Silver’s Digital offers please visit our digital marketing page.