27th May 2014

the bloggers blog

Well, simply put, blogging is a chance to show off your knowledge on a subject, and moreover a chance to connect with people through a shared interest. For businesses it can be an opportunity to project a more human, reflective aspect of their identity. Being on the pulse and thinking like a consumer is a powerful tool.
So, how do you blog well? There’s no great formula for writing well and tapping into people’s interest. What I will try to show you here, however, is a basic guide to blog essentials.


Aim to entice your reader. Make it clear what you are writing about, and particularly who you are writing for. For example, ‘UkGamer – the blog for uk game fanatics’ is clear and succinct.


The introduction to your blog is critical. It needs to be snappy whilst informing the reader what you are going to be covering. Try dropping in a quote from a thought leader, a powerful statistic or some humourous insight.


This main chunk of your blog post has to be a well-researched article about your subject. Take the time to write passionately about the subject; pick an aspect and personalise it with a strong opinion that can only come from one source: you.

Added content, added value…

Extra content is a great way to really hook readers. It shows that you have invested time to create even more content about your beloved subject. Try anything from linking in social media feeds, embedding videos or creating quirky demographics to back up your point of view.


You’ve got your reader this far, it’s time to sign off in style. Here you can use an array of call to actions – perhaps an invite to follow you on a social media channel, provide comments about your blog or even push readers to related content.
And there it is, ‘The Blogger ‘s Blog’, I hope it helps. My one final piece advice: quality not quantity – write about what you know and love and your passion will shine through. Over and out…

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