19th January 2018

The benefits of an open plan office

The design of an office plays a large part in the wellbeing of employees, which in turn affects the productivity of an entire organisation.
Silver has embraced the open plan design since 2016 and reaped the benefits that come with it. Here are a few positives that come with ditching cubicles and going open plan.


Open plan encourages people to talk. Colleagues can instantly turn to each other to chat about something rather than having to schedule a meeting. This applies to both work and non-work related activities, which improves the entire social atmosphere of an office.
Sociability nurtures happiness because humans are social creatures! People feel more relaxed in an open plan atmosphere and are quicker to develop a team ethos. New employees will find it much easier to integrate into a team with an open plan design as they won’t feel separated from their new colleagues.
We’ve recently welcomed new starters to Silver and they have settled into the family in no time!


Collaboration occurs naturally when there are no obstructions. It becomes second nature when organic meetings between people and departments happen on a regular basis.
Spontaneous micro-meetings are often the origins of ideas that spark creativity or solve a problem that someone has been struggling with.
An open working space breaks down the barriers between people. It allows everyone to mingle, no matter how junior or senior you are, which can nurture a different way of thinking across an organisation.
As a B2B marketing agency, Silver thrives on ideas and creativity that will set our clients apart, so a space that fosters collaboration is key to how we function as a business. As well as open plan office, we have a boardroom, meeting rooms, a fully stocked whiskey bar and comfy break out space to encourage different ways of working and create a space that allows for natural collaboration.

Capacity to grow

An open plan office gives you the flexibility to accommodate extra capacity if your business grows in the future. More traditional office designs are difficult to reconfigure, so extra office space is often required which can be costly.
An open plan design is easily moved around to create extra space and find the optimum solution for new employees. It’s far less restrictive. Silver has big plans going forward, so our office design is flexible enough to handle what the future may hold.
Of course, it depends on the type of business you run, the opinions of your people and the overall best fit for your business plan, but we would highly recommend the open plan office if you’re seeking to improve the communication, collaboration and productivity of your organisation.