3rd February 2020

Super Bowl 2020 commercials: who scored?

With a number of team Silver in the US for the opening of our Austin office, we asked them to share the ads that caught their attention and their reasoning. And with ad space costing a whopping $5.6 million for a 30-second slot, who do they think scored a touchdown?

Be The One / Katie Sowers – Microsoft

Such an inspiring story and so well told. Loved Katie’s line, “I am not trying to be the best female coach, just the best coach.” So fabulous when people create their beliefs. Thanks, Katie for being the one for many to follow.

Alison Masters, CEO

Anthony Anderson’s Mama Tests 5G – T-Mobile

I found the simplicity of message and clean execution of the T-Mobile advert particularly compelling. This advert contained all the right ingredients. A big emotive idea; as famous American comedian and actor, Anthony Anderson’s mother is now able to keep in touch with her son from wherever she is due to the power of T-Mobile’s new 5G network. The lovely kicker at the end is that it transpires that Anthony’s mother is out clubbing and living a bigger life than him.

Graham Dodridge, Chair

Before Alexa – Amazon

Love or hate Alexa, I felt the ad included the perfect blend of storytelling and humour, kicking off by demonstrating its smart home integration and concluding with its common music use case. Cleverly scripted and beautifully executed throughout, the ad focusses very much on Alexa’s potential. Most importantly, the value proposition was clear unlike many of the other ads. Fancy an AI virtual assistant, which is most likely to spring to mind now? Touchdown.

Jeremy Bliss, Account Director

Can’t Touch This – Cheetos

We’ve all been there… you eat some Cheetos and then you find yourself in a position where anything you touch turns orange and you leave your greasy fingerprints everywhere! This charming advert for Cheetos’ new offering, Cheetos Popcorn, plays on the odd fact that by handling this snack you can get out of any situation. A well-written script, some humorous product truths and all backed by a classic track from MC Hammer, “U Can’t Touch This” had me laughing from the off.

Matt Hurley, Creative Director

#PostyStore – Bud Light Seltzer

It was a tough choice between Bud Light and Mountain Dew. Post Malone won it for me with the #PostyStore response for Bud Light Seltzer. The characters controlling Malone’s decisions were well played with perfect comedy timing and loved that they all shared his tattoos.

Alice Eaglestone, Creative Designer


This commercial was all about making ‘space’ for women. It sported a star-studded female cast navigating through the atmosphere surprised by how much space there was in space. A double entendre with an empowering message, what more do you want? I thought it was unique for a consumer goods company to put out an advert for their brand as a whole rather than a particular product. And to top it all off, at the end they pledged to donate $1 to Girls Who Code for every tweet with the hashtag #MakeSpaceForWomen

Nikki Marsden, Account Manager

A fantastic line-up this year! Which was your pick of the bunch?