22nd January 2017

Storytelling. Brand and marcomms together – happily ever after.

Every minute, our planet rotates another nineteen miles, 278,000 tweets, 216,000 pictures and 1.8m Facebook likes are sent. We are sharing information at lightfast fibre-optic speeds. Instant news feeds from friends, family, a global network of journalists and pundits has changed how we stay informed. Hungry for information, people are consuming it at an ever-increasing rate. Yet, without relevance or meaning, information blurs into interference.
It’s time for a new approach to connect brands with people. It’s time to be highly available, completely honest and accountable to the people.
Things have changed forever!
To remain pertinent and keep pace with demands, a new connected approach is needed. Brands need to be highly visible, available, completely honest and scrupulously accountable. Those that listen and engage, rather than preach and sell, will galvanise people to invest time, money and faith in realising ambitions at work, home and play. The real value lies in nurturing relationships. This gives brands the perfect catalyst for change. After all, everything we say and do reflects our own core values: adventurous, authentic and sustainable
It is said that ‘people buy people’ and that ‘work is a thing you do, not a place you go’. ‘Switching off’ was never a reality for professional services. The need for sales and marketing to deliver ‘the right message’ to the ‘right target market’ at the ‘right time’ in the ‘right place’ for the ‘right price’ is greater than ever. Communication is more elastic – correspondingly, brands need to be more agile. Smart devices for ‘smarter working’ makes the totality of ‘always available’ communications, complete.
Communications agility
Google research shows that consumers assess 10.4 sources of online information including; online forums, reviews, videos, blogs and websites… before making buying decisions. Greater connectivity gives extraordinary levels of access to information. People are extending their business ecosystems with unprecedented levels of shared, independent, often agnostic, opinions and user group support.
Now is the time to share the facts, listen to the hyper-connected world and discover ways to profit through adding real value, offering superior choices, and providing expedient advice. Maintaining your presence as a highly available and useful resource encourages customers to remain loyal to brands that they know and respect. Some may credit the notion to just ‘Think Different’ to Steve Jobs and Apple with agency TBWA Chiat Day from 1997 in response to IBM’s advertising slogan ‘Think’, but I’m inclined to look back further to discover not only the instruction, but also the reward – The FREEDOM afforded to those brands that really do think differently.