19th October 2017

Snap: Class of 2017

Snap has just completed it’s 2017 South Africa Project in Kwide and other townships near to Port Elizabeth. Silver wishes to a huge ‘thank you’ to all our volunteers and the children who learned some amazing technical and communications life skills, making this so worthwhile and to all of our supporters.
Thinking about joining a Snap Foundation trip? Hear what Jay had to say about her recent experiences, volunteering in South Africa with Snap.
“Photography is right in the zeitgeist, with our smartphones fueling Instagram and Facebook we could be forgiven for forgetting how precious photos can be. Many of the students I worked with had never taken a picture before, whether it be on a phone or with an actual camera, and to see their eyes light up at that shutter click is something I’ll always remember.
As cliched as it sounds, the best part was getting to work with the children. Some were more challenging to engage with than others who just stole my heart. Despite their circumstances, an overwhelming number of the children just radiated joy and happiness and it was truly contagious.
For me, it was the little moments that really stand out in my memory. After our first day at one school, one young chap said to me: “I’m so glad I got picked to do this.” He was so grateful just to have the opportunity and he demonstrated his enthusiasm every week.”
Jay, Snap volunteer 2017