15th January 2020

Silver’s highlights of CES 2020

Now we’ve had a chance to digest all the game-changing technology that featured at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, we asked a handful of the Silver team to share the pieces of tech that caught their attention this year.

VISION AVTR – Mercedes-Benz

It’s more than just an Avatar-inspired concept car, it’s full of gloriously hi-tech details that Mercedes says embody the next chapter of sustainable luxury. It’s awe-inspiring, futuristic design highlights the interaction between humans and machines which are the most exciting aspects of this car.

The design replicates the aura of a living, breathing creature. It features movable surface elements that are reminiscent of reptile scales.

Solar panels instinctively angle towards the sun like flowers as the vehicle moves, the flaps can be utilized to enhance aerodynamic efficiency which increases driving dynamics and improves braking, and its transparent doors open upwards to mimic the gestures of a flying insect. Together with those interactive and movable flaps, the car seems eager to interact.

Sandeep Daley, Head of Creative

MarsCat – Elephant Robotics

If your cat could text you back, they wouldn’t… but maybe that’s all about to change.

A firm called Elephant Robotics has released a robotic feline that can imitate cat-like behaviour – such as stretching and walking – and even some very un-cat-like behaviours such as following commands. Sit, kitty.

They’re calling it MarsCat, the world’s first robotic cat. It will retail for something close to $1,000, which seems purfectly reasonable to me. It’s a cat with a difference. And the difference is less indifference. Where do I pre-order?

Paddy O’Neill, Head of Digital

Cyrcle phone – Cyrcle

In recent years, smartphones have been getting bigger, but I certainly didn’t expect them to get rounder! This is the first phone I’ve ever seen that isn’t rectangular so it immediately intrigued me! The developers are really pushing our phone-related preconceptions here, it made me wonder why more shapes haven’t been tried before. It’s cute, still seems practical and would definitely fit so much better in my pocket! It even has 2 headphone jacks – what’s not to love?

Chloe Lewitt, Junior Motion Designer

Lumi baby monitoring system – Pampers

What haul of innovation showcased at CES this year! From massive advancements in smart homes through to huge shifts in the way we’ll be calling an Uber in the future.

These days we can connect almost everything to the internet – fridges, lightbulbs, toasters, showers, you name it. But now it’s time to connect your baby. As a tech lover, it was interesting to see ‘Lumi’ from Pampers. They have worked with engineers and paediatricians to develop a baby monitoring system that includes a sensor which attaches to your baby’s nappy. The system monitors how your baby is sleeping and uses this data to compare sleep quality at each stage of their development.

This is another great example of how we continue to adopt technology to better our everyday lives and monitor our health. However, as a new dad, I don’t need a monitor to tell you that I haven’t been getting enough sleep this past year!

Jeremy Bliss, Account Director

ScanWatch – Withings

So much to choose from! Sony’s statement and entrance into the mobility market, Hyfraloop’s in-home water purification system that’s as practical as it is ground-breaking, the re-emergence of flip phones, and TVs with at least twice as much ‘K’ as mine (nobody told me 4K was already a thing of the past).

My standout highlight is the Withings ScanWatch. As a fairly recent smartwatch convert, this points directly to what I believe the future of smart watches to be: good-looking little wearable lifelines that track and readily provide information about our health that’s currently only really accessible via a visit to the GP (not just how slowly I’ve run 5km or that I haven’t yet stood up this hour).

Jonny Cartwright, Head of Strategy

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