7th August 2019

Silver Spotlight: Alice Eaglestone

This month we caught up with our creative designer, Alice Eaglestone, as she reveals what inspires her away from work:

Which three words would you use to describe your role?

Passionate, empathetic, creative and diverse. I may have broken the three words rule…

What are your day-to-day tasks?

I get in and make my coffee. Then I look at my schedule for the day and work through the jobs based on importance or the amount of time it will take to finish them. This also depends on whether I’m on one big two-week job, or on five little projects.

Little jobs could be working on internal projects, going through work with seniors, designing digital web banners or supporting someone to help them finish their work quicker. On larger, two-week projects you stay completely in that world, you need to keep focused and not get pulled away by the smaller jobs.

What’s the best part of the job?

I love group ideation and brainstorming. The best part of the job is when we work as a team. Everyone has a different background and a huge amount of talent so when we work together and resource that talent it’s great. I love the people side of things, they brighten my day!


Also, print jobs. We rarely get to print anything anymore. We recently printed out some campaign stylescapes just for internal use, and the number of people who came over to look and interact with them was crazy!

What’s the biggest challenge of your role?

Feeling like you’ve created a great idea but it doesn’t quite match the brief or what the client wants can be tough. It’s knowing how to back down, let an idea go and see that it’s not right for a certain project.

Favourite project you’ve worked on and why?

I’ve recently been working on a rebrand for a client and it’s been brilliant. Sandeep and I have had the freedom to really explore the brand, take it too far and then reign it in from there. The results of that have been really good too.

Another I really enjoyed was a bespoke illustration I did for a local wine seller in Cheltenham. I love walking past it and seeing my work out in the real world. This doesn’t always happen in B2B.

What’s your biggest achievement to date – personal or professional?

I actually think that everything I’ve done to get to where I am now feels like a big achievement. Life isn’t always easy, you have to work really hard to get places and achieve things. My fiancé and I bought a house this year which is a huge milestone, but we couldn’t have done that without the little achievements along the way.

What do you do when you’re not producing great design work?

I go and see a lot of live music at festivals and gigs. That, and decorating our house consumes a lot of my time!

What piece of technology could you not live without?

Anything that produces sound, be it podcasts or music. Even when I get up and I’m getting ready I’ll be listening to a podcast or a playlist. Since moving a little further away from work I’ve been listening to so much more on my commute. You are the content you consume, so whether that’s staying up to date with trends or listening to something new or old, it’s a vital tool as a creative to be relevant and diverse.

Who do you look up to the most – real or fictional?

I change my mind quite a lot and get inspired by different people all the time, but right now it’s Mary Portas. I’ve been listening to her podcast ‘Work Like A Woman’. She’s such a badass. Everything she does and the way she does it is so inspiring. She’s not afraid to be herself and share her journey.

What brand do you admire and why?

Ladies, Wine & Design and everything behind that brand. They recently put a chapter in Cheltenham so I’ve been attending their evenings. They’ve been really nice to go to and meet other female creatives – who are currently few and far between – and big ourselves up.

Who would you choose to play you in a film?

Jennifer Lawrence. She’s honest about her party antics and is just comfortable with who she is. I love it when you see her at award ceremonies falling over chairs, but she takes it in her stride. She’s not afraid to be herself. I think she’s great.

Favourite film?

It changes on a regular basis, but right now it’s The Dirt, the Mötley Crüe documentary. I’ve watched it three times now. It’s just so good. Not only does it confirm that I was born in the wrong era, but I’m obsessed with just how crazy they were. I’m reading the book at the moment and this goes into so much more detail – not always for the good. Machine Gun Kelly plays Tommy Lee in the film, which has opened me up to a whole new realm of music that I hadn’t explored.

Which cartoon character do you most relate to and why?

Connie the hormone monstress from Big Mouth. She’s great! She can flip from sweet and charming to pure rage within seconds. I can relate!

Thanks, Alice! Be sure to keep an eye out for the next Silver Spotlight post next month.