27th February 2014

Silver charity elf campaign – the results

Visitors to the campaign microsite were invited to create their personalised elf, name it, choose it an outfit and share it on social media platforms. Although raising funds wasn’t a primary goal, there was also an option to donate to the charity, and some did. The idea behind the campaign was the brainchild of Silver Creative: Matt Hurley That’s me – Chief Elf. The whole of the Silver creative team rallied to provide illustration, animation, while everyone in Silver engaged in social media support and the generation of a great deal of PR.

Create Your Elf – createyourelf.com from Create your Elf on Vimeo.
We decided initially that we wanted to showcase our strategic social marketing capabilities, along with our brand expertise, web design and development, video production, email marketing and social media skills – All of this in aid of a great cause and a better use of creative energies than simply sending out the ubiquitous greeting cards. Parallax scrolling techniques and CSS3 animation which, when combined, create a really fantastic illusion of depth. Elf accessories have been added to the elf picker section allowing visitors to create truly unique elves. Elf creators could, and still can, choose extras relating to the traditional English Christmas carol ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’. There’s even a ‘Secret Santa option.
Silver engaged WellChild Ambassadors: Entrepreneur and star of Dragon’s Den: Duncan Bannatyne and Olympic Medallist: Mark Foster. Celebrity elves were created for them and both shared on their social media sites. Duncan Bannatyne tweeted regularly to his monumental 665,512 followers, while Mark Foster demonstrated his support by tweeting to a further 62,110. The site has gone on to win an Awwards.com Honorable Mention, as well as CSS Reel’s coveted Website of the Day and Pocket-lint’s Website of the Day!
If you haven’t created your elf yet, you still can at createyourelf.com.

“We are delighted to welcome the elves and thank Silver for kindly creating an online community to home them. We hope this fun site will help spread the message about WellChild’s team of nurses who provide essential support to hundreds of families with seriously ill children across the UK each year.”

Tom de Pass – Director of Marketing & Communications – WellChild Trust
Createyourelf.com - Silver Agency

CreateYourElf Campaign – Client objectives

  • Raise awareness of WellChild over the Christmas festive period in a fun and engaging way, particularly to audiences who don’t yet know of us, positioning the organisation as a leading national charity that supports all UK children with long term complex health care needs
  • Use the campaign to start a dialogue with any new people who come into contact with WellChild, ultimately turning them into supporters in the future


CreateYourElf Campaign – Client Key Metrics/Success Measures

  • 10,000 page views on the campaign web site across December
  • 500 elves posted on the campaign web site wall
  • 500 email sign ups to WellChild’s e-news
  • National marketing trade press
  • National fundraising title
  • Local news titles
  • Online news site
  • Coverage on blog sites


“The Charity Commission estimates that there are 180,000 registered charities in England and Wales. That’s 180,000 organisations trying to secure donations to fund their work. To survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive market, charities like WellChild need to deploy ever more creative campaigns to develop relationships with supporters and donors.

Silver’s Christmas campaign for WellChild captured the attention of our potential supporters in a brilliantly fun and engaging way. Thanks to Silver we were able to capture nearly 1,000 names for our database and raise awareness of our work at the same time. That’s staggering when you consider the campaign was developed in just a few weeks and delivered during a period when most people have other thoughts on their minds.”

Tom de Pass – Director of Marketing & Communications – WellChild Trust

CreateYourElf Campaign – Campaign Figures (December)

  • 17,278 pageviews
  • 9,926 Visits
  • 6,673 Unique Visitors
  • 919 elves created
  • 814 email sign ups to WellChild’s e-news
  • 3,540 Hits from social media


Createyourelf.com - Silver Agency

Createyourelf.com – Silver Agency


CreateYourElf Campaign – Campaign Exposure (December)

  • Awwards.com – Honorable Mention
  • CSS Reel – Website of the day
  • Pocket-lint.com – Website of the day
  • pulpolab.com – 10 best websites of the week
  • devlounge.net – Design Focus: ‘Tis the Season, Designs of the week
  • thedesignblitz.com – Showcase of Websites with Full screen Backgrounds
  • dizyne.net – Creative Parallax Scrolling Examples
  • cssauthor.com – Daily Web Design and Development Inspiration
  • creativereview.co.uk
  • reddit.com
  • promomarketing.info
  • digitalstrategyconsulting.com
  • wordpressious.com
  • csswinner.com
  • thebestof.co.uk
  • presurfer.blogspot.com
  • neopr.co.uk
  • organizedchaosonline.com
  • whitelilygreen.blogspot.co.uk
  • twiceamummydoublethefun.com
  • inagist.com
  • totaljerkface.com
  • ricjr.org


“Here at Silver we’re dedicated to helping make a positive difference to the community we live in, beyond the brand and marketing services work we do. We believe that the work of Wellchild is extremely worthwhile and felt that we could use all of our creative and strategic energy and experiences to support this cause – and have some fun into the bargain. Matt and his team in the studio has engineered and built what we hope will be a hugely successful campaign running up to Christmas 2013, in place of the ubiquitous card and corporate gifts. I’m confident our customers will lend their full support to our endeavours. So let’s all create an Elf for Wellchild.”

Graham Dodridge – CEO/Creative Director – Silver Agency
The campaign has been a huge success, not only with the figures that we have realised, but also the exposure it received in the digital press.