19th April 2013

Run, Paul, Run! London Marathon 2013

As part of the Silver Lining initiative, Silver stepped up to help Paul conquer his goal of running over 400 miles for SSAFA Forces Help, supplying him with a brand identity, running kit, website design and hosting.
I was able to catch up with Paul to find out more about the campaign and collect his thoughts leading up to the marathon.

Q: How would you describe yourself?

Paul Rhodes is a 33 year old Cheltonian that has always been active and passionate about a healthy lifestyle but always felt that there are many challenges left to explore and just needed to find the right one!

Q: What inspired you to set up the ‘Miles For The Many’ campaign?

Miles for the many was born from a friend that was ex-military and unfortunately unable to re-adjust to normal life. That coupled with some charity work for Parkinson’s Disease earlier in 2012 led me to research charities that I felt would really benefit from both some exposure and financial support.

Q: Which charities are you running for?

I’m running for PTSD Resolution and for SSAFA Forces Help.

Q: The London marathon is a few days ahead, how have you been preparing for such an event?

I’ve been increasing my distances over the last month or two. Exercise Centurion Shadow, where I was a part of a team that covered the length of Hadrian’s Wall over four days gave me a great indication as to how long I’d be on the road.

Q: What other marathons have you entered in the run up to the big one?

None! This will be my first marathon I’ve ever attempted!

Q: Do you have a personal goal that you are aiming to achieve?

Originally I did have plans to complete it in a certain time but as time went by I decided that successful completion will be reward enough. I’m comfortable covering the half marathon distance in around 1 hours 30 minutes but that certainly doesn’t mean a 3 hour marathon is achievable! The taking part, the representation for both charities and for the Royal Air Force and the personal challenge will be enough.

Q: Any secret plans of wearing fancy dress?

Haha! I’d love to have done it in fancy dress. Maybe next year. It’s important for me to represent Miles for the Many and the website www.milesforthemany.org.uk so I’ll be wearing the race vest that Silver kindly provided and some running shorts. Lets hope it isn’t too cold!

Q: What are your plans for after the marathon? Do you have more races lined up?

I have a few changes being made than the current races shown on the website. I won’t spoil the surprise as they are being organised but they are significant and challenging. Keep an eye on the website for more details…

Q: How can people support this great cause?

Lots of ways. The easiest is to go directly to www.milesforthemany.org.uk and go to the ‘Donate’ page where you can select whether you would like to donate to either PTSD Resolution or to SSAFA.
You can also text to donate by text the text: WBXO93 £1 to 70070. Don’t forget GiftAid though.
Good luck Paul, we are all behind you!!