20th March 2018

Q&A with Silver’s new Studio Manager: Jonathan Flewellen

We are delighted to welcome Jonathan Flewellen as our latest member of the Silver team.
Jonathan joins us as Studio Manager, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge to ensure we have the right tools in place to take our efficiency and renowned creativity to the next level.
We had a sit down with Jonathan after his first week at Silver to ask him more about his role, and the plans he has for the agency moving forward.

Welcome to Silver! Tell us a little about your role with us

Thanks, it’s great to be here!
The role is going to build over time. Initially, I’ll be looking at trafficking, putting some streamlined systems in place to help us as a studio and agency overall.
During my first week I was assessing how the studio currently operates, speaking with people in all departments to understand the procedures in place.
I’m going to be streamlining processes and improving communications across the agency to make sure we deliver great creative to our clients on time and within budget.

What roles have you previously held?

I’ve worked on both agency and client sides. Most recently I spent 10 years at a packaging specialist which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was Studio and Personnel Manager there, which involved hiring and training new staff, as well as quality control of the work moving through the studio to make sure everything went out to clients correctly.
I liaised with account managers and assisted the creative director so they could concentrate on what they did best, not having to worry about the day-to-day minutia of running the studio.

How was your first week with us?

Wonderful! I thought it was going to be good because after my interview I had a chance to see the environment and some of the projects that people were working on, but I didn’t expect it to be so brilliant!
Everyone has been very welcoming, very friendly, and there’s been a great variety of work. What I’m really looking forward to is working at an integrated agency. I’ve noticed that a lot of companies are looking for that integrated experience, which has become vitally important.

What are you hoping to achieve at Silver?

Any successful agency must already be doing something right, but there’s always room for tweaking and improving.
I tend to be very cooperative and try to work with a consensus where possible. I want to make sure the processes we put in place aren’t going to make life more difficult. My whole aim is to try and get people working together, make their lives easier and help them spend more time doing what they’re good at.

What are the challenges often faced by agencies that you’re looking to resolve?

There can sometimes be challenges when it comes to prioritisation of work. Some people may see a particular client’s work as more important than others, and what that client wants needs to be put in urgently, irrespective of the deadlines and goals of the entire business. That can be difficult when you’re working in a studio with different deadlines and different clients, and where every client is equally important.
So, it’s about managing expectations and trying to let them see how the studio functions as a whole. Every business was a start-up once, so you’ve got to treat businesses equally, no matter who they are.

What do you think is the key factor to a smoothly run agency?

Coordination and communication are the two most important things. Communicating with stakeholders so everyone knows what’s going on, making sure that everyone has an appreciation of what everyone’s role is. If the studio is struggling because someone has brought something in at the last minute, it won’t be because an account manager is trying to make life difficult! It might be that something has happened on the client’s end and they just need us to pull it out of the bag this one time.
It’s about communicating, making sure everybody is on the same page and works together as a team.