Bryce Space and Technology was formed following the restructuring of well known Tauri Group. Led by industry notable and CEO Carisssa Bryce Cristensen, Bryce cuts a smart professional dash as it establishes itself as a new brand but with all the rich heritage and industry plaudits so richly earned over many years.

Silver ran workshops in Washington DC and immediately set to work on the naming and brand development aspects of the project while developing web structures and content simultaneously. The whole project was handled smoothly from appointment to launch at the industries most important international Satellite event in just sixty days.

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Bryce Space and Technology are unlike management consulting generalists, Bryce Space and Technology’s domain focus enables them to offer their clients cutting-edge expertise and data. Their proprietary, research-based models predict critical outcomes in space and technology – satellite market share, launch pricing, technology forecasting accuracy, and the cost of moving up the TRL scale to name just a few. Bryce apply interdisciplinary analytic skills combined with deep domain knowledge of complex technology industries to meet the needs of government and commercial clients.

The people at Bryce Space and Technology believe industry leaders and policy makers require objective, data-driven analysis, free of vested interests and pre-conceptions, to make the right decisions. Bryce cultivates a culture of engagement and partnership with their clients, whose success they take personally.

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